We have acquired our experience first-hand, right on the job

It has come from the kitchens where the menus for small and large meals are prepared. We have obtained it in studios where audio-visual presentations with the most impact are developed. We acquired it in airports, train stations as well as hotels where we will always negotiate the best deals for you. We acquired it while organizing crazy or more sedate evenings as well as the innumerable exhibitions and conventions we attended either as organizers or members.

We know how to make huge halls feel cozy, create a larger than life or extraordinary experience in smaller venues, find the best caterers, take a thousand people to the end of the earth and bring them back delighted and fulfilled by their experience.

We speak the language of corporations, we understand your challenges, we have the vision and energy to assist you in your most conservative or way off the top projects.

And when the project is over, we know how to exit gracefully in order to let you enjoy the satisfaction of an always perfectly accomplished event.